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Easi-Set and Easi Span Concrete Buildings


At LPMI, a licensed Easi-Set building producer, we manufacture both transportable and site-erect precast concrete buildings and structures ranging in size from 8'x8' to as large as 40'x170'+. 

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Concrete Vaults


Whether you need safe haven from a storm, tornado, or intruders, a secure place to store your firearms, or just want to protect your possessions from fire, theft, and mother nature, LPMI can custom design the right concrete vault for your home or office

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Concrete Poles


LPMI prestressed concrete poles were developed to offer a cost-effective, permanent solution for the pole industry.

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Lighting Brackets


LPMI has developed a full line of custom-made lighting brackets that allow for the attachment of almost any type of camera or light fixture. 

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Request for Quote Worksheets

Request for Quote - Buildings (pdf)


Request for Quote - Poles (pdf)


Brochures for Concrete Buildings and Vaults

Buildings Brochure (pdf)


Vault Brochure (pdf)


Brochures for Concrete Poles

Architectural Lighting & Security Poles Brochure (pdf)


Utility Poles Brochure (pdf)


Service Rack Brochure (pdf)


About Us

Our Backstory

Lonestar Prestress Mfg., Inc. was founded in 1992 and has since established itself as the premier manufacturer of static cast, prestressed concrete poles, and Easi-Set precast concrete buildings in the Southwestern United States. LPMI has experienced steady growth and owes its success to the strong work ethic and determination of its owners, managers, and employees. 

Our Mission

Lonestar Prestress Mfg., Inc. is committed to providing top-quality, innovative, precast concrete products at a competitive price. 

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Application for Employment

We accept applications year-round, even when we are not actively hiring, and pull from our applications on file first when job vacancies appear. If you would like to be considered for employment with Lonestar Prestress, fill out the following two forms and turn them in to our front office at 8892 Highway 159 E, Bellville, TX. Applicants may also email both completed forms to HR@lonestarprestress.com

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