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LPMI provides a variety of long lasting, durable and reliable concrete products. From exposed aggregate architectural precast concrete poles, to fully customizable concrete buildings and vaults, to lighting brackets concrete gives you the peace of mind that simply can’t be found in other building materials. Concrete is the Permanent solution!! 

precast concrete buildings

Easi-Set and Easi Span Concrete Buildings

At LPMI, a licensed Easi-Set building producer, we manufacturer both transportable and site-erect precast concrete buildings and structures ranging in size from 8'x8' to as large as 30'x100' to date.

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Concrete Poles

LPMI Prestressed concrete poles were developed to offer a cost effective, permanent solution for the pole industry.

lighting brackets

Lighting Brackets

LPMI has developed a full line of custom made lighting brackets that allow for the attachment of almost any type of camera or light fixture.

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Concrete Vaults

Whether you need safe haven from a storm, tornado or intruders, a secure place to store your firearms or just want to protect your possessions from fire, theft, and mother nature, LPMI can custom design the right concrete vault for your home or office.

architectural precast

Architectural Precast

At LMPI, all of our precast concrete buildings are perfect examples in today's concrete industry of what is known as architectural precast.

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Concrete Pipeline Weights

Concrete pipe weights have been used for years all over the world for underwater pipelines in both ocean and inland marine applications.

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Manholes and Pull Boxes

LPMI manufactures custom underground utility structures and produces stock H-20 rated concrete pull boxes measuring 3'x3' and 4'x4', and precast concrete manholes.

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Concrete Landscape Blocks

LPMI manufactures concrete landscape blocks by World Block in full and half sizes.

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Custom Precast Concrete

Over the years, several of our customers have come to us with special needs that have required creative solutions outside of our core business. At LPMI, we are constantly looking to expand our line of custom precast concrete products.