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Street and Sports Lighting Poles


Concrete is the solid solution for your street light poles and sports lighting needs. We can equip our concrete light poles with cast-in tenons, threaded inserts, or through bolt sleeves to accommodate any type of lighting bracket or fixture. We also offer our own complete line of custom built lighting brackets.

Depending on your project requirements, we can provide square concrete light poles up to 70’ and Octagonal street light poles up to 44’ in all of our colors and finishes.

Whether your project involves 2 concrete poles to light a parking lot or 100 for a new subdivision, our product offers a maintenance free, permanent solution.

Please view our Street Light Pole Catalog (PDF) and Sports Lighting Pole Catalog (PDF)
for additional information

concrete poles, street light poles
concrete light poles
concrete poles, street light poles
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concrete sports lighting poles
concrete sports lighting poles
concrete sports lighting poles

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