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concrete light and camera poles For the past several years, hundreds of concrete poles have been purchased for City of Houston infrastructure projects requiring camera, antena and light poles. In 2009, Lonestar Prestress continued to see strong sales to contractors working on Houston concrete poles projects. One project worth noting is the City of Houston's Southeast Water Plant - Phase I - 80 MGD expansion. The total construction cost for this project is $168M and was awarded to PLR, a joint venture between Pepper Lawson and Oscar Renda Contracting.

Boyer, Inc. was the subcontractor that purchased and installed the combination concrete poles that double as camera poles and light poles at the huge water plant located on Genoa Red Bluff in Houston. This order of approximately 20 concrete poles, matched existing Lonestar Prestress concrete poles that were installed at the Southeast Water Plant many years ago. Prestressed camera poles provide an extremely stable image for the most sensitive cameras because of their overall mass and strength. Unlike other types of poles, concrete poles do not sway or oscillate when the wind blows and are more resistant to vibrations created from traffic or other nearby sources. Concrete poles are the ideal choice for a tough environment like a water treatment plant because they will never rot and outlast any of material on the market.

Lonestar Prestress has several major camera pole and light pole projects coming up in 2012 and expect sales in this business segment to continue to grow.